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Fulltone Custom Shop
OCD-Ge Germanium

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Ever since it was introduced in 2004, the Fulltone OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Drive) pedal has wormed its way into the rigs of the famous and filthy. The OCD-Ge Germanium — an "old-and-improved" version that uses a pair of vintage-style germanium diodes and two hard-clipping MOSFET transistors to work its overdrive magic, just like the very earliest OCDs, before these coveted components became rare and expensive. What happened is, Fulltone recently lucked into a cache of germanium diodes — and bought them all up. The result is a limited-edition run of Custom Shop pedals with intense definition, a more tube-like feel, wider dynamic range, increased sustain, and a more highly focused single-note tone.


The OCD pedal is the only pedal that uses 2 x Mosfets configured as hard-clipping to 'Voltage reference" instead of the usual way: to ground." The earliest OCDs used 2 x Mosfets plus 1 x Germanium diode, but very quickly these diodes became harder and harder to find, and they became expensive.

Recently I stumbled across a reasonably large stash of the right kind of Germanium diodes so I ponied-up and bought all of them. So I decided to do a run of the ultimate OCD: a Custom Shop offering with a few circuit tweaks using 2 x Mosfets plus 2 x Germanium diodes, and one hell of a beautiful paint job... Metallic Teal with a chrome undercoat! This beauty morphs between blues and greens depending on the light and angle. And what would the ultimate OCD be without a Blue LED? The sound? Great definition, more tube-like feel, a bit wider dynamic range, more sustain, and a more focused single-note tone. And as with all Fulltone pedals... 100% Built in the USA.

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Marca Fulltone Custom Shop
Tipo Overdrive/Distorção
Dimensões 5,3 x 6,35 x 11,4 cm
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