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Player Series Telecaster 51 Nocaster MN BTB LTD

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Limited Edition with Fender Custom Shop 51 Nocaster Pickups.

When you need a guitar that will take anything you can throw at it, stand up, dust itself off and ask for more, reach for the Player Telecaster.
Bold, innovative and rugged, the Player Telecaster is pure Fender, through and through. The feel, the style and, most importantly, the sound—they’re all there, waiting for you to make them whisper or wail for your music. Versatile enough to handle almost anything you can create and durable enough to survive any gig, this workhorse is a trusty sidekick for your musical vision.


  • Alder body with gloss finish
  • Two Player Series single-coil Telecaster pickups
  • “Modern C"-shaped neck profile
  • 9.5"-radius fingerboard
  • String-through-body bridge with bent-steel saddles

Características do Produto

Cor Butterscotch Blonde
Marca Fender
Afinadores Standard Cast/Sealed
Pickups Fender Custom Shop 51 Nocaster
Nº de Trastos 22
Corpo Tele
Controladores Master Volume, Master Tone
Escala Maple
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